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Challenging the status quo

Powerclub is not your average energy retailer. We have set out to challenge the status quo and change the way people buy, sell and use power in Australia. We are here to disrupt the energy industry by offering something that was completely open and honest so that Members would know, for a fact, they weren’t getting ripped off.

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Wholesale prices without the ups and downs

Wholesale energy will normally vary between minus 1c - 10c per kWh but on rare occasions can go as high as $15 per kWh for very short periods of time. Powerbank is an innovative technology that smooths out the wholesale market, giving you greater control and coverage.

What is the Powerbank?

Simply put - your Powerbank will act as a buffer to smooth out the highs and lows of the wholesale energy market - covering the difference when prices are high and replenishing when wholesale prices are low.

Technology for greater control

The Members app, Powerwatch, will alert you when wholesale prices are high and advise you of ways to reduce your energy use at that time. A price spike typically doesn't last very long so it's important to act fast. Taking control of your usage will ensure you don't deplete your Powerbank by paying too much for power.

Sick of paying too much for energy?

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