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Paying too much for your energy?

For less than 50c a day, Powerclub provides Members with access to energy at wholesale prices – and you can’t buy better than wholesale.

Join the Club - your Powerclub

It's energy at wholesale

Powerclub provides Members with access to wholesale energy prices so you only pay for the energy you use. We use the latest technology, a lean approach and low overheads to be more efficient than many other retailers.

Don't just join it - own it

Powerclub functions on the basis that when people join they become a part owner. There are no hidden fees and no confusing discounts - what you see is what you get.

Greater control with the Members app

Powerwatch puts the power back in your hands with more knowledge and control over your energy use.

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It's your club

We don't profit from your energy use

Powerclub doesn’t exist to make a profit. The more people who join the Club, the more room there is for innovation.

Less stress, more yes

There’s more to life than worrying about high bills. Your Powerbank will cover you from high energy prices - taking away unnecessary stress at bill time.

We exist for the benefit of our Members

Powerclub is bringing forward new ideas, new methods and new approaches that enable our Members to take control. Our aim is to make the energy industry work for people, not against them. Fundamentally our philosophy is to be the people’s innovator.

Start saving your energy for what matters

Access wholesale rates along with handy tips to help lower your energy bills for life.